Ronaldinho - Touch of Gold

Who else could hit the crossbar four times in a row?

Role: Concept | Direction | Design


Brazilian soccer sensation Ronaldinho sits on the grass. Someone hands him a gold metal case. He takes out a pair of Nike football boots, laces them up, then unveils his skill by shooting volleys from outside the box onto the crossbar, controlling each rebound to hit the bar 4 times in a row. A swoosh is subtle but clearly visible through the 2-minute, 44- second video.

Although Ronaldhino’s divine football tricks seemed very real and natural, the real “Touch of Gold” -as the video was called- came in the extensive post-production phase, where the ball was added onto the amateur footage.

The Nike video was viewed 1.9 million times on YouTube in only a month. For a period of 4 weeks after the video came online, Youtube received 2% of its visits from searches for 'Ronaldinho'. Internet chat rooms lit up with conversations on whether the video was staged, computer-generated or edited.


The viral film hit was part of a more straight forward campaign, where you could explore the football boot.

The film gathered up multiple awards, including a Cannes Gold film lion. It is still gathering views today.