OnePlus 3 - The Loop

Getting advertising-sceptical tech enthusiasts excited about the new smartphone from the global technology start-up OnePlus.

Role: Creative Direction | Concept | Design


We created The Loop – a never-ending, immersive Virtual reality experience that takes place on a space station 450 kilometres above the Earth’s surface.


The journey began in the OnePlus offices in Shenzeng, and from there visitors beamed up to The Loop. They were welcomed by Carl Pei, the OnePlus founder.

With stereoscopic CGI, 360° film and 4D sound, we merged a melange of 10-second long animations into a seamlessly looping VR-universe where our audience wanted to spend their time.

We 3D-scanned other community members, putting them on stage inside the experience.

Built entirely out of lightweight looping animations, we overcame video size barriers and compressed the entire experience into an easily downloadable app.