Nike T90 Laser

Nike T90 Laser

A dissection of the Perfect Kick

Role: Concept | Art Direction | Design


The new T90 Laser football boot was all about accuracy. The boot was designed with shapes and fabrics for supreme ball control and optimal shooting accuracy.

What better way to market this, but to demonstrate it with one of the worlds best attackers of the decade. Fernando Torres. We recorded high speed footage of Torres kicking the ball. Then we let the users take control and view his movements in super-slow-motion from multiple angles.

The high speed footage was edited into various formats for online and retail.

The website was fully interactive, streaming video at good quality, letting the users explore and play with the features.

Website: Examine the boot in detail

Website: Check out the Sanchez brothers

Website: Interactive controls of the Torres in action

Website: Choose other view angles or other shots

It was the first time anyone synchronized 6 Weiscam cameras shooting at extreme high speed. 


Footballers vs the Sanchez Brothers 

Further into the campaign, we also introduced the Sanchez brothers to the likes of footballers Gattuso, Frings, Rooney and Malouda. Letting them demonstrate the power and accuracy of the T90 in the most painful ways.


The campaign home was homepage.

Awards included Epica, The OneShow, Creative Circle and the FWA.