Nike SB Chronicles Vol 1

Nike SB Chronicles Vol 1

The World’s largest online skater party.

Role: Concept | Art Direction | Design

Skaters form a tight-knit community around the world and value exclusivity, belonging and uniqueness. They are notoriously adverse to marketing ploys. As a brand you have to be authentic and provide value on their terms.

To promote the new skateboard film Chronicles Vol.1, sponsored by Nike SB, we created an worldwide online premiere exclusively for skateboard influencers and enthusiasts. Worldwide, audience could logon at the specified time to connect realtime with the other skaters and all watch the film together.

On event day, we sent boxes to skaters’ doorsteps with access codes, merchandise, beer and everything else required for a serious launch party (in other words, more beer).  About 30 minutes before the event, 58 different live, onscreen European launch parties kicked-off and 5,000 people joined the festivities. As the clock hit zero, the movie premiered as a one-time simultaneous stream, with over 40,000 skaters tuning into the live broadcast. 


We knew where the audience was so to recruit for the premiere, we teased people to sign up by creating takeovers and online ads on just a few select channels. Most notable online skater magazines the Berrics and Trasher.


Across the world 10 big parties and 200 smaller parties connected in realtime to the show, sharing, swearing and cheering together.


Anyone could join the party. Have your own party if you will and connect to the rest of the world.


A synchronized program schedule was the foundation for pushing out information and changing the experience over the course of the premiere on the website, event Air app and Mobile app.

The live event was a huge success, receiving extensive press coverage, and generating 100,000 new Facebook fans. The campaign won a LIAA award and Creative Circle Gold Award.