Maersk Fleet

Transforming the way Maersk communicates with customers, partners, and the press, while exploring how Maersk can engage with opinion leaders and the general public.

Role: Concept, Design, Graphic production

Maersk has been a leader in shipping for over a century. Despite its success, the brand was perceived as old-fashioned and had trouble attracting graduates and establishing itself as modern, open and innovative. Therefore Maersk is pursuing a new strategic direction that focuses on transparency and communicating to a broader audience. 

We created, which supports Maersk’s new strategic direction, positioning Maersk as open, transparent and accessible. The site showcased the Maersk hardware while communicating the Maersk key values in rich and engaging digital experience.

The site was designed to engage with multiple stakeholders and tackle internal and external challenges:

In order to encourage and ensure audience engagement, we aimed for a high degree of interactivity. We created a site that uses multimedia, info graphics and interactive elements to communicate complex messages in a clear, interesting, and easily digestible manner. 

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Illustrations compared vessels to common and entertaining reference points, from tractors to wine glasses, and vessel tours gave users an inside peek into Maersk vessels.

The site pushed what was possible at the time using rich media with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Designed to work across platforms and browsers.

The site went live on June 20th 2011. The site has been featured on numerous design and technical awards pages for it’s innovative use of design and technology.

Awards: FWA site of the day, CSS design awards, Communicator Awards, Danish Internet Awards