A new direction for a brand with a heritage across brand, communication and design.

Role: Concept | design | graphic production

Over the course of 2014-2015, we reengineered the spoken and visual language for the brand, to be more at eye height with customers, while still retaining some of the magic, color and light in the garden.

We developed the creative assets for all the markets around the world to roll out, as well as creating a new visual identity and building a new more moderne and commerce-enabled website.

The commercials we created were basically short product stories, crafted to elicit an emotional response while still making the product benefits crystal clear.

We took the design of the brand to a more simple, asthetic and functional expression, more worthy of a brand which has it’s product design on display at museums around the world.


We developed an extensive new visual identity covering everything from branding, signage, print ads, digital advertising, social and content formats, sound identity, animation, catalogue design and more.

Horizontal A5 Brochure mockupHorizontal A5 Brochure mockup

The website is designed from a mobile first approach. It’s a fully responsive solution which is commerce enabled and structured around the principles we found in an extensive customer touchpoint analysis. 

Free-Mockup copyFree-Mockup copy