GARDENA city gardening

GARDENA city gardening

A creative platform for introducing new line of gardening tools to aspiring gardeners in cities.

Role: Concept | Design | Graphic production


How do we make the new GARDENA city gardening products relevant for this new target group? City gardens are different, distribution is different, the people are different.


We created a communication platform, revolving around the idea of space. “Grow any space”. In cities people are not thinking about square meters. They are thinking about cubic meters. With limited space available, you need to be creative about your gardening. Also, gardening in cities is more about expanding your living zone, taking ownership of and utilizing the balcony or the terraces. People are just starting to discover this.

To give it a more lighthearted style, accomodating a target group which is different from the normal gardeners, we set the visual style slightly apart from the normal GARDENA design. The concept was more light of touch and expressing a more playful approach to gardening. It was important not to make it too “designy”. These are tools meant for use, not design objects.


We created photography in natural environments with no post treatment. Authentic and believable.

To activate this concept, we created makeover films, collaborating with designers and architects in cities.
These films are being activated across digital, platforms and point of sale.

We also created concepts for city murals, making GARDENA a more prominent part of the city.