Rasmus Frandsen

Creative Director | Designer


Building on a foundation of graphic design skills and illustration, I have had the opportunity to work across multiple disciplines in publishing and commercial industries. I have always gravitated towards innovative use of technology and creative tools. My sweetspot has always been in the tri-section of storytelling, design and technology. Even as technology has advanced from my early pre-digital experiments, things are definetely not less interesting today.

I usually drive Creative and Design on clients and projects. Always a team game. I like to get my hands dirty and still be able to practise craftsmanship while still creating space and freedom for my colleagues so everyone contributes and feels responsibility for what we are trying to achieve. I don't look back and hate to repeat my work. Just curious about the next thing.

Although I never really sought out the accolades and the awards and never like look back, I have collected a bunch over the years. Creative lead on 3 Cannes Grand Prix and a bunch of gold, silvers and bronzes. Also awards from OneShow, Epica, Eurobest, LIA, D&AD, Creative Circle, DDA, DIA and more. Pioneer award at DIA in 2016. Had fun sitting on various juries in Cannes, Norway and Denmark.

Rasmus Frandsen

Residence: Copenhagen, Denmark, Europe

Contact email: rasfran@gmail.com